Your car has stopped because the wheel is damaged ? Here is the solution

How to change a wheel on a car

1) Find level, flat ground: you should only ever try and change a wheel when the ground is flat and level.

2)Put the car into either first or reverse gear and apply the handbrake firmly. Choke the wheel that is diametrically opposite. 3)Loosen the wheel nuts by one full turn – but don’t fully remove them yet!

4)Fit the jack under the designated jacking point on your car and slowly wind the jack up until the tyre you want to change is 3-4 inches off the floor.

5) Remove the wheel nuts and the wheel.

6)Fit the new wheel and do the wheel nuts up until they are finger tight.

7) Lower the jack until the weight of the car is fully resting on the tyre.

8) Tighten the wheel nuts up using the wheel wrench.

 that's just the very basics, and there's a little bit more to successfully changing a car wheel