How to enable NETFLIX Audio Description? #keefto

Zaid Jaber by Zaid Jaber
How to enable NETFLIX Audio Description? #keefto

In this article we will take alook on how to enable audio description on netflix TV Shows & Movies for blind and visually impaired people to have nice time watching them.


What is NETFLIX?


NETFLIX is a video streaming service for TV Shows and Movies with simple subscription to watch TV shows and movies.


In order to enable audio description it will take a few steps.


Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Go to the bottom of the screen.


Step 3: Under Links your will find Audio Description.


Here NETFLIX will show you the TV shows and Movies with audio description in them. Note that if the TV show or Movie is a NETFLIX original it will have an audio description.


Step 4: Open your favorite TV show Movie the Audio Description will automatically be turned on. And you will enjoy watching the TV show or Movie you like.


In order to Disable it you will need to go the icon next to the full screen icon and hover it and then turn itoff.


That is it for this tutorial hope you enjoy it.

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